Carmen T.

“I have been working with Sarah Henry for over 8 months. She is a wonderful coach: compassionate, heartfelt, and a fantastic listener.  I am a person who works out and eats healthily; however, there are still things I needed to improve in my life. With Sarah as my coach, I was able to create a healthier lifestyle that even incorporated practicing yoga, which I love to do, but often struggled to find the time to commit to it regularly."


"Our weekly appointments are something that I look forward to every week, and each session uniquely focuses on what I want to accomplish. We have even worked on things related to my professional life, which has moved me forward in what I ways I never imagined. I never thought I was a person who needed health coaching, but now I cannot believe that I didn’t commit to this sooner.” 

Jeannie O.

“I knew what to do.  I'd read all the self-help books.  I didn't know it was my thought patterns that were keeping me from 'getting it' so I could apply it."


"Sarah taught me how to become mindful of my thoughts through simple exercises.  She guided me through little shifts in my perspective that opened my mind in a whole new way.  Sarah's insight, compassion and patience have given me a fresh start and a solid foundation to build on.  I can do this!”


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