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An Intentional Morning Routine

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Just out of curiosity, what constitutes a meaningful life for you?

For me, meaning is derived from making conscious decisions about what I want my life to look like NOW. This means being around the people I love as much as possible, laughing as much as possible, and giving back as much as possible.

I’m finding more and more that all the things I’m wanting out of life—both personally and professionally—are truly possible when I’m intentional about how and where I’m spending my time.

Remember last week, when I shared with you that I started the New Year feeling scattered and pulled in several directions? When you’re someone (like me) who has struggled with anxiety and a negative mindset, feeling scattered and unaccomplished is never your friend. My problems started the second I woke up, mainly because I had no real plan for how I was going to check tasks off my growing to-do list.

I often wound up skipping my workouts so that I could focus on other projects. There were also a lot of mornings-turned-afternoons spent in my pajamas where I would look at the clock and feel frustrated because, on top of wondering where the day went, I didn’t exactly feel like a glamorous Boss Babe. My grungy hair and PJ’s weren’t exactly a reflection of the success I’ve been wanting for myself. I also spent WAAAAY more time than I care to admit on social media (ugh).

This month, one of the most powerful changes that I’ve made surrounds my morning routine.

As silly as it may sound, getting incredibly intentional first thing in the morning has made me feel like a ROCKSTAR. I’m now getting more accomplished by 9am than I would sometimes get accomplished in an entire day. And, the best part is that I’m making myself a top priority.

Here’s what my intentional mornings look like:

-Up by 5:30 (every weekday!)

-Talk to my husband over breakfast about our plans for the day WITHOUT TV (which is a biggie, because we used to spend most mornings getting caught up on the news rather than chatting)

-Meditate for at least 5 minutes and set affirmations for the day

-Check my calendar, and then my email, for scheduling surprises

-Pick a few tasks that I hope to accomplish, and then structure a timeline for accomplishing them throughout the course of the day

-Read for 30 minutes

-Work out or practice yoga for 30 minutes

-Get ready (e.g., shower, put on clothes that make me feel good) while listening to a podcast or music that pumps me up

-Start my workday by 9am


Honestly, starting my day with crystal clear intention has truly changed my life! My energy has shifted from overwhelm to a can-do-‘tude, which feels absolutely amazing!Plus, focusing just a little bit of time and energy on my personal goals each morning sets my day up for success.

I hope that sharing a bit about my morning routine provided you with a bit of perspective, or at least some food for thought! Whether you are a SAHM, a 9-5er, or a Boss Babe, I just know that making even one small shift within your morning routine will leave you feeling like you can accomplish just about anything!

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